Concept Brokerage Inc. is an MGA for Edge Benefits Inc., Newmarket, Ontario

Elaine started with Prince & Associates, the parent company of Edge Benefits Inc. in 1996 as a Brokerage Manager in Toronto. Elaine was involved in the evolution of the original product, The Provider Series, to the current Edge and Roadside Edge programs for income replacement and business expense reimbursement in addition to the Encore series.

Elaine’s background and involvement with the development and continuity of the plans brings “first hand” knowledge and expertise to assist agents with target markets.

The Edge and Roadside Edge are products that lend themselves to multi-life sales that include groups such as truck fleets in the transportation industry, taxi cab companies, courier services, hairdressers & aestheticians, restaurants, retail stores and the entire community of the self-employed, contract individuals and home-based business owner market.

Field work, marketing ideas and flyers, education and training on EDGE products as well as ongoing support are the hallmark of the MGA.

Agents receive 100% agent compensation through Concept Brokerage Inc. Renewals are lifetime (of the policy) and do not require current license and E.O. for ongoing renewals, a perfect “Lifetime Annuity”.


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