Rick M

I have had the good fortune or misfortune depending on your point of view to have had 2 experiences with Roadside Edge! In 2004 I broke my knee while 4 wheeling and was not able to work for 8 weeks.

The second time was a much more serious accident that happened at work that totally disabled me for over a year. I'm now able to return to work part-time. Roadside Edge did everything they said they would do for me and more. In my opinion they went and continue to go above and beyond.

When I got this policy it seemed like a lot of money, but all insurance is like that. Expensive if you never use it. However if you have the misfortune to need this coverage it will pay for itself and more. Just the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that this insurance will be there in case you need is worth the price.

My opinion is that anyone who is self employed should have this insurance. Don't wait. An accident can happen any time!


Rick M.

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