Mike L.

A True Living Benefit Story

I am a career long haul trucker. While I have a personal benefit package to guarantee continuing income if I get hurt, as well as the best out of province medical expense benefits and a large life insurance benefit for my family if I die by accident, I had no income protection if I got sick. I am diabetic, so I don’t qualify for a monthly income replacement plan if I get sick.

My insurance agent, Elaine Jamieson, talked to me about Guaranteed Issue Critical Illness insurance. She advised I would get paid a lump sum if I suffered any one of 21 common conditions. She indicated nearly 85% claims are made for heart attacks, strokes and cancer.

I decided to take the plan, the maximum payout of $25,000 in December 2012. What a shock I got in October 2014, when suddenly I suffered a heart attack. I had to have bypass surgery.

I had so many questions – What would happen to me? I am only 55 and expected to work for at least 10 more years. I had to park my truck and guess what----- no money coming in.

Elaine contacted me when she found out about my condition from the fleet. She reminded me of my policy – the Critical Illness Benefit I purchased. She immediately started my claim process. What a relief!

My claim was paid in full and I can tell you that $25,000 was the 2nd best gift, next to the recovery from the life threatening illness I had suffered.

It is June now, I’m back at work full-time, operating my business with the same fleet. Life is really good when you don’t have to worry about having enough money for lifestyles, bills and debt.

Critical Illness is for the Living! Get It Now!!!

Mike L.

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